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21 days to Ultimate Self Love and Self Acceptance!

This Self Love Course is designed to help you explore all the barriers and limitations, mindsets and belief systems that are keeping you stuck in the pattern of looking for love outside of yourself.

By combining conscious exercises designed to shift your perspective with powerful healing meditations that work deep within the subconscious to reprogram you to love and accept yourself, this journey will lead you to a complete transformation.

Balance Your Self Love Deficit

Are you a woman who waits to be chosen? Who settles for less than you deserve because you don’t trust yourself to reach for what is rightfully yours?

Do you constantly hear a nagging voice in your head that makes you feel like an impostor? 

Does this voice fill you with fear and worry others may not like you? 

That you are not worthy of love and attention?

And every time you meet someone you like, try something new or when things don’t go as planned, is that voice lashing out telling you how stupid, how ugly, how simply not enough you are?

All of the above are signs you are suffering from a condition called Self Love Deficit.

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self love

And you know the even more sad part?

Everytime you allow that voice to take over and stop you from going after what you want, you are rejecting a part of yourself. 

The part of you who NEEDS to make mistakes in order to learn, the lonely, needy, disillusioned part of you who just really wants to be accepted.

Every single day, with every single negative thought and self-critical judgement, you push away these parts of you and like yourself less and less every day.

That’s what I call your Inner Queen.

She is the totality of you! 

She is that confident, empowered version of yourself who loves and accepts everything that you are, in full knowledge that your self worth is not dependent on others.

She is the loving, caring, accepting mirror that shows you how beautifully human and divine you are at the same time!

Where does the Self Love Deficit come from?

Relationships with others help us create our sense of identity. Through the eyes of others, we learn to see and love ourselves. Parents, siblings, friends and lovers help us define who we really are!

The qualities they praise become those things we love about ourselves and anything we feel they reject and criticise we start thinking of as our ‘flaws’.

The problems start when all our relationship experiences lead us to similar negative conclusions:

  • ‘my mother preferred my brother or was not there for me’ = ‘I am not important, I am not lovable’.
  • ‘my father never showed me love or affection’ – ‘I am unworthy of love’
  • ‘my friends ignored me and made me feel stupid’ – ‘I am not good enough’

These childhood wounds become stories we tell ourselves and we start hiding parts of who we are in an attempt to fit in, to be accepted, to forget how much it hurt when we didn’t have our needs met.

We learn more from a relationship, a breakup or infidelity than in a lifetime of happy ever afters because those are the moments when we have to take full responsibility for our own stuff.

To show up. To learn to love another but also to put ourselves first.

Being with another person, we learn who we are and what we believe about ourselves. And most importantly we can decide who we want to become.

Are you ready to become the best, most empowered version of yourself?

Are you ready to bring out your Inner Queen?

self love
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