21 Days Self-Love Meditation Program


About This Program

Have you ever wondered why there are certain aspects of your life that you’d rather forget?

Parts of you you’d just want to erase from memory and never even acknowledge their existence?

These are usually parts of ourselves we are not very proud of – the needy, the angry, the stupid… Parts we were told make us a bad person, unworthy or unlovable.

Who could possibly love someone who is unlovable, who does not deserve affection, effort, attention?

It needs to start with you. Accepting, embracing and loving these parts you have at some point decided to ignore. Healing them from judgement and rejection, of being made to feel they are not good enough.

This 21 days self-love meditation program allows you to reconnect with these aspects of you – your shadows – by simply learning how to give them the love and appreciation they crave and bring them back into the light.

21 Days Self-Love Meditation Program

Will this work for me?

Many people think meditation requires skill and amazing power of focus.

Let do a quick quiz to find out if this is right for you.

  • Are you able to follow simple instructions?

  • Have you ever turned your thoughts to ‘other things’ during a dull meeting or lecture?

  • Can you imagine yourself as one of the characters in your favorite film?

  • Do you daydream?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are already a very good candidate for meditation.

These daily 10 mins guided meditations will not only relax your body and mind and give you renewed energy for your day.

They will also access hidden programs and memories inside your subconscious mind, offering new perspectives and rewriting your core belief systems to love and accept yourself more each day.

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What's included...

21 Days of Meditation - self-love meditation, self love

Daily 10 minutes Guided Meditations 
Designed to heal and reprogram your mind to love and accept all parts of yourself

+ Free Self Love Guide
A blueprint for creating your own Self Love Practice.

+ Daily Affirmations
To incorporate into your Self Love Practice

+ Option to join the Complete Reveal Your Inner Queen Program at a discounted price

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