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Welcome To Happy Ever After Academy

First Relationship Skills School in Hong Kong

By joining our Academy, you will Learn about self-love, increase your confidence and enrich your communication skills to attract and create the relationship of your dreams.

Whether you want to regain confidence in yourself or when you connect with others, our courses cover those fundamental aspects of relationships we don’t learn in a real school, but which have a huge impact on our entire life experience.

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Special Launch Offer: Self Love Course

21 Days To A Brand New You:

Reveal Your Inner Queen

Start Your Transformational Self Love Journey Today

‘Love yourself’ they say.

That’s the secret to happiness.

So why is this so hard to do? 

And why is there no instruction manual for it?

We are told real love is putting others first and giving, giving, giving until we forget who we are and why we came here, hoping that eventually our love will be returned so that we feel whole!

What if Self-Love is Real Love?

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I believe relationships are mirrors that show us different facets of ourselves. Each person we meet has a message for us – they help us see something hidden, that others have not noticed and we have not discovered yet.

In our search for love , for a partner, we are actually searching for a more complete version of ourselves. Someone who is still hidden, who waits to be revealed.

My life experience has been that by learning more about relationships and love I was able to determine my own destiny and create my own version of Happy Ever After.

And you can do that too. I am here to help.

To make this journey really easy for you, I create programs that include all the skills, tools and strategies I use in individual sessions to give you the most comprehensive and up-to-date solutions to reach your goals and find the confidence to Write Your Own Love Story.

My approach combines insightful assignments and conscious exercises with meditations and deep healing techniques to fast track your success and ensure you get results in the shortest time possible.

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Our Other Self-Help Courses


Free Meditation Course

Have you ever wondered why there are certain aspects of your life that you’d rather forget?

Parts of you you’d just want to erase from memory and never even acknowledge their existence?

These are usually parts of ourselves we are not very proud of – the needy, the angry, the stupid…

Communication Skills Course

When we meet someone we are attracted to it’s easy to believe our love will last forever.

In reality, success in love depends on how much we make our partner FEEL LOVED and show our appreciation by spending time and effort to SEE them for who they truly are.
Breakup Recovery Let go of your Toxic Past

Breakup Recovery Course

Sometimes love doesn’t turn out as planned and we don’t get our Happy Ever After.

The best way to move on is to learn the lessons of your relationship and graciously accept the gifts of this experience so that you can open yourself up to new love.

Get my FREE 21 Days Meditation Program to find your Inner Queen

What's included...

21 Days of Meditation - self-love meditation, self love

Daily 10 minutes Guided Meditations 
Designed to heal and reprogram your mind to love and accept all parts of yourself

+ Free Self Love Guide
A blueprint for creating your own Self Love Practice.

+ Daily Affirmations
To incorporate into your Self Love Practice

+ Option to join the Complete Reveal Your Inner Queen Program at a discounted price

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